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A dream has come true in Brighton today. A dream of a new TV channel, a dream of Bill Smith and his 20-manned-team of passionate people!

The best and brightest thing to happen to Brighton in a generation, Bill Smith founder of the Latest franchise, can stand proud in his new TV studio in Manchester Street Brighton and declare with confidence and authority, “I had a dream and today it’s real.”

In a city where dreams do come true, it’s only right and proper that Bill Smith and his 20-manned-team of passionate people at Latest TV Brighton deserve their praise and dues for turning the dream of a Brighton based TV Channel into reality.

Going out live at 6pm on Thursday 29th August 2014 on channel 8, nothing will be the same again.


Leading from the front, Bill Smith makes no secret of his intentions of building a TV industry in Brighton.

“Now you can get a TV career started without commuting and together we can build a TV and film industry here!”

Bringing the industry to the sea rather than commuting to the industry, and with-in meters of Brighton Pier the Latest TV studios are situated snugly in the heart of Brighton.

Being the first ever blessed TV Channel in the UK! Having holy water sprinkled and prays said in each room, Bill Smith errs on the caution of God to ensure his latest venture goes to plan.

“The channel is for everyone, believers or non believers.”

Intending to build an industry that pays for itself, Bill Smith and Angi Mariani, the channel’s director intend to nurture local talent, improve upon it and sell it onto the national TV market.


Keeping in mind Bill Smith had to pay a lot of money for his 12 year license from Ofcom; its fair to say that a proportion of Brighton society will be excluded a voice and hidden in the dark alley.

I’m speaking of-course of the Conspiracy theorists and MAD people of which I am often referred to as being one.


-         It was Ofcom who drove off Press TV, the Iranian News channel which I loved to watch for it’s non-biased editorial reporting.
-         It was Ofcom who drove off RichPlanet TV, the best evidence based news show I ever saw, because one viewer complained about the suggestion that the Woolwich Lee Rigby murder was a faked event.
-         It was ATVOD, an off-spring of Ofcom, who drove off UK Column News from the internet, the leading news source of the AV community because their news show was deemed “too TV like.”

Having already turned their noses up to the Story of the Century, it would seem the Latest TV may not be as egalitarian and democratic as we are being lead to believe.



“I believe that TV should be democratic. So as well as the Latest team producing top-class television we will be proud to show films and videos made by you, from Brighton & Hove and Adur & Worthing.”

Only time will tell, but the bottom line remains that their Ofcom 12 year license is extremely special to them, especially Bill Smith and Angi Mariani, hence I doubt they want to do anything to rock the boat for the next 12 years at least.

“You make it we show it and what’s more, with a “You Make It, We Show It” policy, you, the viewers will also be stars of the TV screen. Latest TV will have the right ingredients to make Brighton Rock!”

With enthusiasm like this, you just know Latest TV Brighton will be the Best!


Reaching an estimated 400,000 viewers city wide, Latest TV Brighton promises something for everyone.

First up is the News. Leading a team of 12 video journalists, Tim Ridgyway, an award winning journalist at The Argus, is in charge of what news stories Brighton hears about, while Mike Mendoza goes further out covering Adur and Worthing’s area.

Jay Legate is head of Sport and will feature Gordon Greer, Jay, Jospeh and Tim out and about reporting all the cities sport. From Matchday from The Amex on Saturdays to Monday night coverage of youth and women’s games and great Albion games from the past, there will be a sporting event covered for everyone in Brighton and beyond.

Entertainment and comedy are comprehensively covered with an array of original talent, new, old and familiar.

With a wealth of local celebrities ready to appear from Steve Coogan, Fat Boy Slim, Mel B and Peter James at a moment’s notice, Richard Shayler, Jessica Kellgren Hayes, Guy Lloyd and Lynn Ruth Miller promise to bombard the viewer with a wild array of chat, humour and shocks with such programmes as:
  • Nightly Prog
  • Brighton Lights
  • Treason Show
  • Latest Bill’s Sitcom ‘Ungagged CafĂ©’
  • The unclassifiable what the Waffle.

As Bill Smith entices the wannabe script-writer:

“What’s missing? Perhaps a local soap opera. So get writing Brighton and Worthing writers. Channel 8 needs you!”

Delivering on something for everyone Andrew Kay introduces ‘International Chef Exchange,’ in which top local chefs swap for a week with chefs from all over the world. Andrew will also be presenting Cook It! a weekly “how to” cookery programme, essential to any new TV Channel.

With the dream of creating a TV Industry, it is easy to imagine a whole new array of programmes to cover every taste and hobby;

-         Allotment Weekly!
-         Natural Health Weekly!
-         Ramblers Weekly!
-         Get Fit Daily!
-         Aromatherapy and Massage Daily!
-         Assembling Model-Craft Daily!
-         Lego for Kids Daily!

You get my drift, the list is endless and the sky is the limit.

Peter James, the well known Brighton best selling Crime writer will pop into present “Mister Crime,” which promises to be a delight to all Peter James fans and anyone interested in the darker side of life.

While on a lighter note and touching a more diverse and younger crowd, Q Tube will be presented by Torsten Hojer and Jonesy from Shakedown and Greg Marshall and Jim Devereaux will present Bored Gamers for games fans. For music fans an array of music interviews and videos will be serviced with 80 on 8, Bowlegs and Noise Reel.

The channel will host a dedicated Film Night for movies and shorts, encouraging Brighton based film-makers to get in touch and get on TV

Remember that ultimately Latest TV Brighton want to sell on their productions to national TV, building a finance stream.

It’s a partnership between local and independent production companies and film makers to work with Latest TV Brighton, to build a legacy which up coming film makers, presenters and writers can use to make it in the future.


And then come the big hitters.

Every new TV Channel needs an anchor man and woman, who will it be on Latest Brighton TV?

Frank Le Duc and Mhairi from Kent.

The stunningly beautiful blond Mhairi walked in from the street to ask for a bar-maid job.

Bill Smith took one look at her and said, “What can you do?”

“I’m a journalist,” Mhairi replied.

And from that point one, Mhairi has been walking on cloud-nine ever since.

Let’s trust Bill Smith enlists a more mature lady to compliment Mhairi, as a joint presenter, thus starving off any suggestions he only likes young women

Though Bill does assure us, "I hired Lynn Ruth Miller and Mike Mendoza after one look! Mhairi is great but I can't claim credit for hiring," which gets him of the hook!

And talking about sexual perverts and paedophiles, commonly known as politicians:


The ex-newspaper editor, Frank Le Duc, a legend in Brighton and the heavy hitter presenting The Vote, a news show covering local and national politics, hosting what promises to be a series of heated debates as Brighton decides who their next MP’s will be in 2015!

As with every good captain of industry and capitalizing on his existing interests, Latest Homes Live, is a pioneering daily property programme, presented by Andrew Bullock and Simone Thorogood.

Construction in the city is featured too as they look at iconic buildings including the new i360, while covering local history and architecture with Andy Garth and Robert Nemeth, whilst finance tips are brought to you by IEP’s Ian Poysden.


What about a resident musician?

Surely with all these programmes and shows needing accompanying music, who better for the job than Danny Koonen, who wrote the music score for Peter James fictional character Sally.


Credited amongst the top four on-line journalists alongside Chris Spivey, Bill Maloney and Brian Gerrish, and with an ego like a ‘Wild Stallion,’ surely there is a job for Matt Taylor too?

“There is a job I would love at Latest TV Brighton,” Matt confesses.


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