Thursday, 27 November 2014


To the People of Brighton,

Do you want Honesty and Integrity in public office and a candidate who works for YOU?

Joe Neilson independent candidate will do just that.

As an independent candidate Joe Neilson is not under the government’s whip. He can take what YOU, the public want and deserve and give you the voice.

In order for him to stand he needs funding to get his campaign across Brighton. Other political parties receive funding; for example Caroline Lucas of the Green Party has in the last 6 months received a total of £85,500, which is more than all the other parties put together.

Joe Neilson is standing for honesty and integrity and therefore deserves a fair crack of the whip.  

Let’s get him elected.

Joe is not governed by rules of a political party. As part of his campaign slogan of standing for “honesty and integrity” he has no reason to lie or deceive the public as he working for you and not out to gain favours for himself, like other political party leaders have done.

“The whole idea is to serve the people, it’s as simple as that.”

He aims to help all walks of life including the elderly, children, the homeless, address the pension scheme, protect NHS, minority groups and the disabled.

With your help we can get the funding Joe needs in order to get his message and campaign across to the people of Brighton and give our beautiful seaside town the chance of having a real and honest voice in public office.

So please make a donation now and help Joe become the next Brighton Kemptown MP. Let's do this together. Help him stand up for honesty and integrity in public office.

Many thanks

The Joe Neilson Independent Team

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