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Something is insidious at the heart of Brightonian journalism. The greatest journalists the city has to offer, namely:

  • Greg Hadfield; the editor of Brighton & Hove Independent newspaper.
  • Adam Trimingham; seasoned Argus Journalist aka The Sage of Sussex.
  • Frank Le Duc; anchor-man of The Latest TV- The Vote show.
  • Tim Ridgway; Award-winning journalist and columnist, head of news at Latest TV Brighton.

Omit vital information about the independent candidates standing in Brighton’s 2015 general election.


With all political parties launching their election campaigns on the first Monday back to work in 2015, the great and good of Brightonian journalism have been busy putting out their point of view, with the notable omission of any independent parliamentary candidates.

With all political commenters predicting the 2015 general election will be won in the margins, you would have thought the marginal candidates in Brighton would have been mentioned.

With Brighton Kemptown being a marginal seat in which Tory MP Simon Kirby won with just 3.8% more votes than his nearest rival, Labour’s Simon Burgess, the question needs to be asked, why aren’t the independents being mentioned?

With the 2015 general election too close to call, its acknowledged by all that the marginal players in the election will make or break the result.


Frank De Luc recently wrote an editorial for The Latest TV to which he’s the anchor-man of their flag-ship political program called The Vote.

Take for example what he wrote:

“In Brighton Kemptown the contest is seen as a straight fight between the Conservative MP Simon Kirby and Labour’s Nancy Platts who was pipped by Caroline Lucas in Brighton Pavilion in 2010. Davy Jones is the Green Party’s personable and energetic candidate. He may dilute the Labour vote.
Another threat comes from Ian Buchanan, a courteous old-fashioned former Tory, who is running for UKIP. At first glance he could weaken Mr Kirby’s vote at the Peacehaven end of the constituency. But some suspect he could also pick up votes in Whitehawk and Moulsecoomb which might otherwise have gone to Labour.”

While any journalist of their worth would check Wikipedia to check they have their facts right, Frank Le Duc evidently didn’t.

As you can see for yourself, both independent candidates, Matthew Taylor and Joe Neilson have not been mentioned.


Is this the type of journalism Brighton and Hove deserve?

The Sage of Sussex Adam Trimingham writes that the Greens could hold key to next May’s election.

But again, no mention of any independent candidate.

Let’s see what he wrote about Brighton Kemptown:

Brighton Kemptown is a similar seat which Simon Kirby holds for the Tories by only 1,328 votes. Kirby is standing again, challenged by the experienced Nancy Platts for Labour.”

Is it nice to see a seasoned Argus reporter put such due diligence in reporting the full facts of the situation?

With current polls predicting 11% of the over-all 2015 general election result going to Independents, you would have though the Brighton Kemptown independents would have been looked at.


Greg Hadfield, who once worked as the Telegraph Media Group's head of digital development, started the Brighton and Hove Independent newspaper in 2011, having turned his back on Fleet Street.

He wrote:

No longer can newspapers survive by publishing at their readers, by talking down to them, by controlling what can and can't be written or said.”

Such a shame that only a few years on he’s contradicted himself.

Greg Hadfield is actively controlling what can and can’t be written or said, with his refusal to mention any independent candidate in his newspaper.

Published every Friday and available free at 140 pick-up point throughout the city, Greg Hadfield is inviting all parliamentary candidates to write a column. In last week’s edition is was Simon Kirby’s turn to promote his rubbish and lies to the readers.

The question must be asked that after:

  • Nancy Platts
  • Davy Jones
  • Ian Buchanan

Have had their opportunity to write their own column, will;

  • Matthew Taylor &
  • Joe Neilson

Be invited to do the same?


According to Bill Gibbons from the Consensus UK website, Joe Neilson has been confirmed as the only disabled independent candidate to be standing in the 2015 general election.

You would have thought Tim Ridgway, the award winning journalist and head of news at Latest TV Brighton would have got in touch. After-all it’s not everyday a disabled OAP gets up from his wheelchair and declares, “I want to bring integrity and honesty to public office.”

Bill Gibbons has made it plainly clear, “Independents are poison.”

Tim Ridgway certainly treated Joe Neilson like poison when on the open day of The Latest TV’s launch; he refused point blank to be photographed with him.

Why would a respected and award winning journalist be so rude and dismissive to refuse point blank to be photographed with an old man who wants nothing more to make a positive difference to the community in which he lives?

I produced a promotional film championing Latest TV and introducing the personalities involved, free of charge.

The next time I saw Tim Ridgway I extended my hand in friendship; but again he refused point blank to shake my hand, leaving me in the awkward position of putting my hand away unwanted and ignored.

 It would appear that Tim Ridgway considers all Brighton Kemptown independent candidates to be poison.


There is something insidious at the heart of Brightonian journalism and the insidiousness appears in the form of its top journalists;

  • Greg Hadfield; the editor of Brighton & Hove Independent newspaper.
  • Adam Trimingham; seasoned Argus Journalist aka The Sage of Sussex.
  • Frank Le Duc; anchor-man of The Latest TV- The Vote show.
  • Tim Ridgway; Award-winning journalist and columnist, head of news at Latest TV Brighton.


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